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Baby Care Products That You Really Do Need!

25th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

If you have ever googled a checklist of what you need to buy for baby before their arrival, you might have been faced with a seemingly never ending list! Thankfully many of those “must have” items are not really necessary and would only end up gathering dust in an already cluttered corner.

However, some items are truly essential and so we have created a quick list to ensure that you have everything to hand when baby comes along. Check it off!

Cotton Wool

When a baby is first born their skin is particularly sensitive. The kindest way to clean baby’s bottom is to use cotton balls dipped in a little warm water. You can also use the cotton wool for cleaning baby’s eyes.

Baby Wipes

As your baby gets a little older, it is acceptable to use baby wipes and these are particularly useful on the go! Be sure to invest in hypoallergenic wipes as they are kinder to young skin.

Petroleum Jelly

When baby has a sore bottom a little vaseline will create a protective layer over the skin. It is also useful for use with a rectal thermometer.

Baby Nail Clippers or Scissors

When your baby is born you might marvel at those tiny fingers and tiny toes. However clipping tiny nails can be altogether more scary so invest in smaller scissors with rounded edges and a magnifying glass, which makes it better to see what you are doing.

Digital Thermometer

When baby has a temperature you need to know. Take the temperature rectally for the most accurate reading.


You may have invested in a pram parasol but baby’s have a habit of wriggling around. Protect them from harmful sun rays with an age appropriate cream.

Comb and Brush

If your baby has some hair, you need to ensure it is looking good. Use a comb to detangle wet hair and a soft brush to style hair.

Baby Soap or Bath /Shampoo

Always read the ingredients list, even of the brand might expect to trust the most. Stay away from additives or fragranced baby wash. The same applies to shampoos.

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