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Baby Clothes Checklist For First Year

2nd October 2016 / no comments, on Kids Fashion, New Born

Here is a fascinating question! Why do clothes look more irresistible the smaller they get? Whilst nobody was ever caught cooing over an over-sized thermal vest, the sight of a soft and sparkling white body suit leaves us weak at the knees! Of course many of these miniature baby outfits do not come with a miniature price tag. Usually these outfits are the ones saved for a special occasion and then never actually worn at all.

Our shopping guide is intended to make your life easier, outlining the clothes your baby will need during the first year of their lives.

0-6 Months
If there could be one key rule for the first 6 months of baby’s life, it would be to stock up on the basics. This means sleep suits, vests, body suits and socks. In this time your baby does a lot of sleeping, eating, sicking and pooping! Several changes can happen in one day so you need to have a constant supply of clothes which can easily be thrown on, thrown off, washed and thrown on again. Splurging a little on designer baby items is ok, but don’t go mad, your little one will grow faster than you think.

6-9 Months
The growing continues and now they start to get mobile, double the trouble. Save nicer clothes for when you are going out and stock up on rompers or dungarees at home, these are particularly popular for protecting their knees when they start to crawl. Girls in dresses are pretty, but perhaps consider leggings for playing as otherwise the dress can get stuck under their knees. You will also need to stockpile on bibs! Your baby will start to eat solids at this stage and bibs will protect their clothes.

9-12 Months
There is really no stopping them now. At this stage all they want to do is play, so give them plenty of comfortable play clothes to do it in. Bottoms should still have snap fastenings to make nappy changes easy! Once they get on their feet, dresses are fine for little girls but don’t worry about shoes. Research has shown that barefoot is better, so save on the expense, while you can!

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