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Baby Food Blenders

26th January 2017 / no comments, on Parenting

Making your own baby food is a way to ensure baby is getting all the right nutrients. It is very likely that you will already have a food blender or food processor in your kitchen and so you don’t need to specifically by one for baby.

Why do I need a food blender or processor?

Having a blender or processor to hand makes the task of making baby food a whole lot easier. For example, some people may choose to beat the food with a whisk but this is an arduous process and could leave lumps left in the food.


A blender is great for making pureed food. It works best when food is already well cooked, it does not work so well with raw foods. You will need to ensure that the food is already cut into smaller siz-es before placing in the blender. A blender allows you to puree large amounts of baby food which can then be frozen for use at a later date.
Food Mills

A food mill works in exactly the same way as a blender, but due to having a smaller capacity it might be more appropriate for making a small amount of puree.
Food Processors

The food processor is an end to end solution for preparing baby puree. You place the food into the steaming chamber and it is cooked until soft, before being blended with sharp blades.

Which is the best to have?

There is no hard and set rule, it really depends on the quality of your equipment. However you might want to consider the following factors,


If your puree is completely smooth, then your chosen equipment is working well. You should never feed your baby lumpy food and you may need to invest in a new blender or food processor if this is the case.


Whichever product you have chosen to use, you need to ensure that it can be cleaned easily. A build up of food could be harmful, so carefully consider this if investing in a new item,


If you are likely to be travelling with your baby, consider how portable the equipment is. You may need to make food on the go, so bear this in mind before making a purchas

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