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The Benefits Of Organic Baby Clothing

2nd October 2016 / no comments, on New Born

How many of us have left an ultrasound, walked into the nearest baby boutique and bought the cutest little clothes we ever did see? And why not? This is a time for enjoying and why should your new little prince or princess not have the latest in trending togs. Nothing but the best, right?

So what have you purchased? Have you gone for simple but stylish or will your little one be channelling something more traditional, like Prince George or Princess Charlotte. You’ve checked the sizes, bought a matching cardigan and are currently searching for booties to bring the outfit together. Yet have you stopped and considered what fabric the clothing is actually made from? And do you know how fabric choices contribute to living a more natural lifestyle?

For quite some time we have become focused on being aware of what we eat and where it comes from! And now our attention is turning to cotton. As cotton is not a product we intentionally ingest, rules and regulations about the pesticides which can treat the crops are few and far between! And here is where the problem arises.

Chemically polluted water runs off these treated cotton fields, entering our drinking system. Animal feed is often polluted with contaminated cotton seed and the farmer comes into direct contact with chemicals which were used in World War Two as biological weapons.

Additionally, and a lot closer to home, did you know that your baby could be potentially absorbing harmful toxins found in clothes? This includes products marked as 100% cotton which many consumers would believe to be safe. A baby’s skin is more porous than an adults skin and less resistant to harmful substances found in many cotton products. Organic clothing prevents this from happening.

Organic clothing uses cotton that is not farmed in conventional ways. Pesticides and harmful chemicals are replaced by natural methods such as crop rotation or the physical removal of weeds. The workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals, the run off water is not polluted and it is better for your child’s skin.

Organic cotton is not only safer but if feels great against the skin. The initial spend may be more expensive than your fast fashion baby clothes, but if you really want to give them the best start in life, organic is the way! Additionally, organic clothing is said to be better wearing, so whilst it might be more expensive, it does represent good value for money.

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