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Bibs And Muslin Squares

25th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

From the minute baby is born, your washing machine will seemingly never be switched off. Bibs are essential for minimising the amount of washing you need to do, without them you would need to change your little one after every bottle or every meal.

So with a choice of pull on bibs, tie bibs, long sleeved coverall bibs and rigid plastic bibs…which ones should you choose?

Traditional Towelling Bib

These are ideal for smaller babies to help protect their clothes from milk spills. They are usually at-tached with velcro or tie fastenings which enable you to secure them carefully around baby’s neck. They are simple and inexpensive. Not ideal when baby progresses onto purees as they are easily stained.

Muslin Squares

Muslin squares are a flexible item which are great for mopping up spillages, used as burping cloths or even comfort blankets. They are often sold in large numbers, so you will always have one handy.

Plastic Scoop Bibs

These are great for older children. They have a curved shape so any crumbs fall into the scoop ra-ther than on the floor or baby’s lap. They are easy to clean but maybe too rigid and uncomfortable for smaller necks.

Cover All Bibs

These type of bibs are normally made from plastic coated fabric or a flexible PVC. They are de-signed to give maximum coverage with some versions having full sleeves. They are usually se-cured at the back with ties or velcro. They are really great for keeping toddlers clean, particularly when they start feeding themselves. However some children may find these types of bids restric-tive.

Disposable Bibs

These are great as an emergency measure or perhaps if you are on holiday and don’t want extra washing. They are made from strengthened paper and will usually have a waterproof backing and absorbent front. They can be expensive and so they are not really an option for every day u

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