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Bouncing Baby!

25th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born

There are times as a parent that you really do need two pairs of hands, especially if you have more than one child under the age of two. Thankfully, manufacturers of baby products realised this a long time ago and provide entertainment in the shape of baby bouncers, rockers and swingers. Do you know which is which?

Baby bouncers are usually suitable from birth and will keep your baby safe and secure whilst you get on with necessary jobs. When baby kicks, the chair bounces! Upscale varieties offer inbuilt vibration, sounds and toy bars. Budget brands come without the bells and whistles but provide the same bounce!

Rock a Bye Baby

Until now you might have been walking around, desperately trying to soothe that grumpy baby by rocking them backwards and forwards. And as much as you’ve loved the bonding, your arms are sore and the house is not looking at its best. So for babies who are soothed by a rocking motion, invest in a rocking seat.

Rockers are suitable from birth up until about six months, They have slanted bases so you can rock your little one to sleep and it usually just needs a little push to keep it rocking for quite some time. For lazy mum, battery operated ones are available.

Baby Swings

If baby only seems to sleep when you constantly walks back and forth, it sounds like you might be in need of a swing. The one negative of baby swings are their size, there is no getting away from it. They are cumbersome and require some storage space. A full size baby swing can normally be used from birth until around 8 months of age.
What’s the difference between a rocker and a swing?

Essentially both items do the same thing but the rocker has a slanted base whilst the swing has a sturdy base!

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