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Changing Stations

20th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

In a world where we are all becoming a little more aware of being frugal, there is many a blog which will tell you that you don’t need to invest in a changing station and that it will simply become a dust catcher. Whilst there is some truth in the sentiment, there are some great nappy changing facilities currently available on the market which actually do make life easier.


Having everything at arms reach is great for when you are changing baby. A purpose built changer provides enough space to store all essentials. Furthermore some have wheels and so you can move the changer to wherever it is needed.


However minimal you are trying to keep it, a baby naturally comes with stuff. And unless you are happy with clothes strewn all across your nursery, drawers are a necessity. Opt for a multifunctional chest which is topped off with a dedicated changing space.


If space is an issue in your house but you like the idea of having a separate space for changing baby, how about investing in a cot top changer. These type of changers are easily attached over the cot and come with a velcro strap to secure baby. They are often manufactured from natural wood with an easy to clean surface.


Space saving is also available with the installation of a wall mounted changer. A wall mounted changer can be placed at the height which is most convenient for the chief nappy changer. After birth, some mothers may suffer with back issues and therefore a wall mounted product is particularly advantageous during those early months. Many on the wall changes comes with space to store all essential items such as towels, cotton wool and creams.


As baby becomes more mobile, changing on a sofa or even a floor can be dangerous. They could roll, bang their head or fall. Many units which have been specifically designed to change baby comes with straps which will ensure there are no nasty falls.


However old baby is and wherever you are changing them, always check they are safe before leaving unattended. Accidents happen quickly so never take a chance.


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