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Cot Accessories! What do I really need to buy?

20th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

You have bought the cot and now all you need is the accessories, easy peasy, right? In actual fact, shopping for cot accessories can be more confusing than you might think. There is so much variety when it comes to baby bedding and you will want to feel confident that you have bought the snuggest and safest options. So here is some quick advice.

Get Back To Basics

Basic bedding includes bottom sheets, top sheets and blankets. Remember that babies can tend to be a bit messy and you will need to have spares to hand, approximately three of each sheet and blanket should do, as family and friends will probably top you up with spares.

Fitted sheets are ideal for covering the mattress. You will be surprised how quickly your baby becomes mobile and a fitted sheet grips better than a flat sheet. Fitted sheets are usually made from cotton jersey which are non iron, top sheets should be cotton for summer or snuggly flannelette for winter.

There are so many types of blankets, how do I know which to choose?

Cellular blankets are very popular because their structure allows then to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Acrylic blankets do a similar job but they tend not to be as soft on the skin as cotton.

Fleece blankets are soft and easy to wash, but the price can be significantly higher than other options.

You will also find comforters or coverlets available in the stores. These are designed to do the same job as a blanket and sheet combined.
What are baby sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags are an alternative to sheets and blankets. They should be made from lightweight cotton and not be too big around the neck. Whilst some babies and young children sleep well in these the of bags, others will feel constricted.
When does my baby have a pillow and duvet?

It is very important not to use a quilt, duvet or pillow for your baby until they are over aged one! However babies are used to sleeping without a pillow and you may often find them thrown out of the cot!

Which ever combination of blankets and sheets you decide to opt for, it is important to ensure that you follow the safety guidelines for usage.

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