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Do small children need big fashion?

8th September 2016 / no comments, on Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, Kids Fashion

It was not so long ago that designer fashion for kids, equated to an overpriced NAFNAF T-Shirt and anything from Tammy Girl!

Yet in recent years, Gucci and Stella McCartney have all launched mini me collections, which despite their hefty price tags, have surprisingly gathered traction! So who exactly is driving this trend, is supply simply meeting demand or is it something altogether different?

Blame the kids. Let’s discard this one quickly. These days laying blame at the door of the younger generation is too easy. They may happily pose in Young Versace’s White and Pink Diamante Medusa and Majolica Dress, but at £160, they certainly didn’t pay for it.

Those with celebrated status realised the benefits of extending their brand via their children quite some time ago. The Kardashians and The Beckhams are pap ready anytime they hit an airport or LA eatery! And if Harper Beckham so much as glances at a mini Burberry cape, then it is a must have item for any other cup cake loving aspiring fashionista!

Whilst the A-Listers allegedly avoid the paparazzi, back in real life we are busy photographing ourselves…also known as the selfie. There is a growing need to present our lives through rose tinted glasses….Baby Dior Mink Coat included! We are our own paparazzi and we want our audience to know that we too are having it all.

The economics of the trend go as follows. New mums are getting older, thus having a bigger budget to spend on there little ones. These new mums are also often blessed with baby boomer parents, meaning that if mum opts for more modestly priced children’s clothes, grandma is still likely to take the bait.

Then comes the moral question, should children not just be children? How can the freeing rise of gender neutral clothing coincide with a desire to get our children hooked into the commercial world whilst still sleeping in a cot? Promoting a Gucci bib to Gucci bag lifestyle!

Yet smartening children up is growing in popularity, even schools are reverting back to more traditional ties and blazers. Look at the pictures of yesteryear and the children admittedly look much smarter, if learning is linked to uniform, is behaviour linked to what children wear outside the classroom? Contentious admittedly, but perhaps a point for discussion!

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