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Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

25th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born

Bath time is special for both parent and baby. It is a time when the focus is completely on the baby and a time when the parent is usually starting to relax. It is also a time for bonding and creates precious moments.

Yet it is not unusual for parents to panic during those first few baths and sometimes baby is not too keen on it either. However, with a little patience, a calm approach and a few helpful bathing accessories…bath time is the best time.

The Bath

If you thought you knew all about baby baths, time to think again. Of course traditional baby baths are still an option, upgraded with special moulds to help support your baby and manufactured from materials free from BPA, lead and Phthalates. But what other options are available?

When a baby comes along, many parents soon realise that their once spacious house is now starting to feel a little cramped. That is why a foldable or inflatable baby bath is a great solution. Simply bath baby and store away in a cupboard or drawer until next time. Great for holidays!

Baby buckets have been used in European hospitals for years. The snug fit is ideal for newborns and smaller babies! Particularly recommended for babies who don’t seem to like bathing.

More intelligent baths include thermometers, power showers and fresh water circulation.


Watch the water spout!

When baby moves into an adult bath, the water spout can be a potential danger, causing bumps and bruises. Eliminate the worry by investing in a spout cover which come in many fun shapes. Some have additional features including shampoo storage, temperature regulator and shower option.

Bubble Bath

Many baby bubble baths are pictures of bubbly cuddly fun, but this can be misleading. Always check the back of any products you pour into baby’s bath, even if the names are tried and tested.

Bath Toys

When it comes to baby bath toys, rubber ducky is still the one making bath time lots of fun! Opt for an organic product.

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