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Give your kids the right shoes… and they will conquer the world!

18th September 2016 / no comments, on Back to School, Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, Kids Fashion

School shoes! Ah, the headache! Parents want to do their best to adhere to school guidelines, whilst the little ones just want to push the boundaries…or your buttons.

The million dollar question is whether you invest in good sturdy shoes with a hefty price tag or you buy a cheaper pair as experience has taught you that by half term, whatever you bought will need replacing.

The good old sturdy school shoe is not always the best option. Kids will be kids, they run, they climb, kick stones and then end up with blisters from shoes which do not offer enough flexibility. Bear this in mind whilst waiting in line, clutching a ticket with a number which seemingly never gets called.

Project yourself to the morning rush hour! Sleepy five year old heads have a habit of missing their mouths with their cereal, asking them to tie shoe laces is possibly a task too far. Opt for velcro and save laces for later.

Anything else? Never buy shoes which are too big, whilst it might be tempting this can cause injury or bad walking habits. Where possible have your child’s feet measured by a professional , just to ensure the best fit!

Here are some of our top picks of the top brands.

Step2wo New Cindy! £49.50

We know that many little girls will no longer be happy with the lace up thick soled shoe variety! After all, are those not for boys? These fabulous Step2wo shoes make a firm fashion statement whilst still being appropriate and practical. The shoes are available online but if you prefer to have your child’s feet measured, some Selfridges stores do stock them!

Chatham Skipper Children’s Boat Shoe! £39.00

You won’t find flashing lights in the soles of these classic shoes. These boat shoes have a traditional design, it’s for the kids who have already honed their quintessentially British style and they want to rock it in school.

Primigi Black Leather Mary Jane Shoe £30.00

No compromise on comfort here. Manufactured from soft and supple leather, these shoes have been superbly crafted with a padded heel for extra comfort. They also represent good value for money.

Kickers, Adlar Monk Strap Black Leather Shoes £45.00

For parents of a certain age, they know that Kickers were worn by anyone who was anyone back in the day. Elevate your child’s style status to a whole new level with these brogue shoes. Great for school but they will also double up for a smarter weekend look.

Start Rite Navy Jo III Leather Buckle Shoes £37.00

Help her start as she means to go on with these stylish navy school shoes with low block heel and rounded toe.

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