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Home Safety Products For Baby

25th January 2017 / no comments, on Parenting

From the moment any parent hears they are expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet, there is one instinct which overtakes all others. Protection! It is suddenly all about keeping that precious bundle safe. Whether considering a car seat, a cot or stair gate, a parent wants to buy peace of mind and know that their tiny prince or princess is going to be safe. So do you think you have all bases covered? Check the list below, just to be extra safe.

Teething Time

There is something rather toe curling about a baby gnawing on the wooden rails of a crib. As soon as baby starts teething this is a natural reaction, however why not consider phthalate-free rail teethers, which your baby can chew comfortably without ingesting harmful paint toxins.

Plug It

Plug sockets hold a particular fascination for tiny tots and their fingers easily slide into the socket. Invest in some outlet covers which will ensure there are no nasty shocks when baby gets mobile.


You have fitted the gates to the stairs, but what about your fireplace? Fires and children should never mix. Do not take a chance, it only takes a split second so invest in a fire gate which will keep baby a safe distance away.


A snuffly baby is not usually a happy one, particularly in the small hours of the morning. A battery operated aspirator will soothe your baby, clearing the nose much faster than a manual one.


A dry atmosphere can be particularly problematic for babies, causing coughs, sinus irritations and dry skin. A humidifier will add a little moisture to baby’s room, making it a more comfortable environment for then to sleep.

Little Climbers

Bars on a window can look unsightly but if you have a toddler that loves to climb, you will understand why parents use them. For a more aesthetically pleasing option, choose mesh barriers which blend with the decor of your home.


Sadly there has been a number of incidents with blind cords and babies. Ensure your child is kept safe by investing in a small clip which binds the cords together and puts them out of reach.

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