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What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A High Chair

26th January 2017 / no comments, on Parenting

If you are currently looking to buy a high chair, you may be confused about exactly which kind you should buy. High chairs come in all shapes and sizes with budgets ranging from just a few pounds up to three figure numbers! So what do you need to consider when buying a highchair?

The good news is that a decent chair need not cost more than £50. Models which cost in excess of £100 usually come with lots of bells and whistles, but they are really not a necessity.


You should never leave baby unattended whilst feeding and you always need to ensure they are secured properly in the chair. If possible opt for a high chair with a five point harness, lap straps can be easy for baby to wriggle out of…and by now you will realise just how good they can be at escap-ing. Your high chair should also come with a solid crotch bar which will prevent baby from slipping forward when the tray is removed for cleaning.

Padding and Comfort

Some of the more expensive high chairs come with beautifully stitched padding and covers, which makes it super soft for baby. However this can be a nightmare for cleaning and it can prove impos-sible to remove grime from creases and crevices. Opt for a model that is wipe clean or comes with covers which are washable.

Folding High Chairs

If you have a space issue, then invest in a foldable high chair. Many can stand on their own without the need for being propped up on a wall. Some even have a handy hook to hand the table when not in use.

Can I put a newborn in a highchair?

Your new born baby will not be able to control their head, so never place in an upright high chair. Some multifunctional and probably more expensive highchairs will enable baby to be in a cradled position whilst at the same height as everyone else on the table.

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