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Do I really need a nappy/pram bag?

25th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

When your friends hear that you are having a baby, the first thing they will warn you about is all the extra space you are going to need. You may question why, after all, how much space can a tiny baby take up? But here is the thing, it is not actually the baby…but the stuff that goes with them! Pram, changing mats, cot, bouncy chair….

Additionally, you suddenly realise that you need some kind of bag in which to transport all the small stuff, nappies, dummies, teething rings, wipes, favourite toys! For a moment, a fashionably defiant mum-to-be may question why she needs to ditch her Mulberry Bayswater, after all there is plenty of space. And who really wants to walk around with one of those wipeable vinyl bags anyway?

Whilst using your Mulberry Bayswater is not advisable, try it if you must, you don’t actually need a specific nappy bag..or at least not the type that is instantly recognisable as one!

Introducing the parent bag! There are many fantastic options available on the market and they don’t involve compromising on your own style. Often made from hard wearing leather, the bags are usu-ally oversized and so allow you to carry all those must have items during the early years.

Modern parenting means that dads of today are a lot more hands on than years ago. Yet whilst em-bracing paternal instincts is great, a trend setting dad won’t necessarily be wowed with a bag dotted in cartoon ladybirds! Choose a bag which is essentially gender neutral. This means dad won’t have to pack a separate bag each time he goes on an adventure with baby.

Ladies may want to carefully consider colour. In the past, the bag normally matched the pram but you might want to rethink this. Whilst you may have to forgo matching shoes and handbags, opting for a tan colour will mean you are always looking stylish whether it is winter or summer!

Final Tip! Check out the stitching! These bags will need to support a heavy load so make sure the stitching is strong!

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