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How to launder your baby’s clothes!

25th January 2017 / no comments, on Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, New Born, Parenting

A baby’s skin is more porous that an adults and therefore it is more sensitive. To ensure your baby has maximum comfort at all times we have put together some tips and tricks to make sure those tiny togs are super soft.

1. Think about the detergent you use. Cheap might not always be cheerful for a baby’s skin, so think about selecting a Non-Bio option, designed to be kind to delicate skins.
2. Non-Bio detergents are kinder to skin, but sometimes they can be less effective at removing stains. Some baby stains, particularly baby food, can be stubborn and can’t be removed by just washing. Therefore consider pre treating tough stains.
3. Baby clothes contain washing care labels, so ensure you take the time to read them. Whilst some clothes can be washed at a high temperature, washing at 30 degrees is kinder to the environment and is still effective at getting clothes clean.
4. When fabrics are softer on your baby’s skin, they cause less irritation, so select a hypoallergenic fabric softener.
A new baby brings so much joy, but they also bring a huge amount of washing! In those early days you are going to be time poor, so make it easy on yourself by ensuring all clothes are machine washable, hand washing is far too time consuming.

Choose soft and natural fibres where possible! Organic baby clothes might be slightly more costly, but they are better for baby’s delicate skin.

Do I need to wash my baby’s clothes before use?

This is a big yes! As we mentioned earlier, babies skins are very sensitive and easily become irritated. Softening itchy fabrics or removing any chemicals which may be in the clothes fabric, will avoid baby suffering from an irritated skin…which in turn could lead to another sleepless night for you.

Nothing looks cuter than tiny baby clothes hanging on the washing line to dry! In reality, everything gets taken straight from the washing machine and into the dryer. However, if you make a little extra time to line dry the washing there are benefits to be had.

Of course the obvious advantage is cost saving! When a new baby arrives, the laundry never ends so line drying could save a significant amount. Furthermore, line drying clothes is better for the fabrics as the ultraviolet rays will kill bacteria and the clothes will not wear from continually spinning. Finally, in those days and nights which for a time will blur into one, the physical activity of hanging out the washing can give you much needed fresh air.

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