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Money saving tips for baby clothes!

10th December 2016 / no comments, on Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, Kids Fashion, New Born, Parenting

Babies are small, but their fashion is big business! How can it be that a pair of adults trousers can be cheaper than something only a fraction of the size? However, buying babies and toddler clothes need not break the bank, you just need to bear in mind a few simple rules.

Hone your hunting skills!
Stores are not in the business of making shopping easier for you and you should never buy the first thing you see. On entering a store, walk pass the first racks. These are full of the new collection and come at full price. Head deeper into the store and find the clearance rack where there will be loads of cheap deals to enjoy.

Banish Brands!
Do you know how fast your baby will grow? Do not be tempted to waste money on designer brands as they will have outgrown them in 3 months time.

Gender Neutral
Gender Neutral clothing is a great cost saver. Purchase neutral coloured baby grows, pyjamas, vests and so on that can be passed down from generation to generation! Remember to ensure gender neutral clothing is high in quality, ensuring it is not worn out too quickly.

Be Prepared
Shop for your baby’s clothing a season in advance. As soon as the spring collection comes into the store, winter items go into the sale. Stock up on winter essentials and take advantage of the sales. Remember to buy clothes which are too big for your child and have plenty of growing space.

Swap Shop
There are many places where you can swap clothes online, but you can also do this with friends. Organise an evening where a few friends can come together and pass around clothes which no longer fit their children.

Shop Secondhand
Don’t be put off by secondhand clothing, just choose to see it from a different angle. These clothes have been loved by another family and now they are passing that love onto you. Furthermore, take comfort in the knowledge that you are not further contributing to the landfill.

And Finally…
If you have a special occasion coming up, beg, borrow or steal. After all, how many suits does a two year old need?

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