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Why are Moses baskets so popular?

19th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born

When new parents look down the checklist for items for their new baby, they hear the purse strings stretch!

Did you know that the average parents spend over £1600 preparing for the new baby to arrive. The most expensive items include a travel system and nursery furniture!

Many parents will hold up their hands and admit they didn’t really need to spend £400 on a high chair and they have never sat on the nursery chair they had specifically assigned for feeding the baby.

Amongst the things you don’t need, there are many that you do, including the Moses basket! So we ask the question, what makes the Moses basket so popular?

Moses baskets can be really helpful in the early days as they are lightweight and can easily be carried from room to room. However it is important to note that your baby won’t be sleeping in there for a long time, so don’t spend a fortune on an all singing and dancing option.

When you baby is first born, a Moses basket is small enough for them to feel safe and snug. The hood is also useful for preventing any unwanted draughts or shielding baby from incoming sunlight.

A Moses basket can be placed on the floor, or if you prefer you can buy a stand to raise the height. This is helpful for new mums who might be suffering with back pains.

Moses baskets are also a cost effective option when compared to purchasing a crib. They are easy to store and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Of course many new parents will have already spent money on a cot, so some might question why baby cannot be placed straight in the cot to sleep. However, many new babies can feel lost in a cot and this increases their stress levels, which will not be good if you are hoping to get a few hours sleep.

If you do decide to invest in a crib, remember that they will be more expensive than a Moses basket and they are not portable. And whilst the rocking motion might seem useful, many babies don’t actually enjoy being rocked.

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