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Newborn Necessities! Essential Clothes For Your Baby

2nd October 2016 / no comments, on Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, New Born

Since the moment you discovered you would soon be hearing the sound of pattering feet, you have been bombarded with a plethora of must have products for baby! You happily collected your Bounty pack, filled with free goodies and exclusive offers, but signing up to personalised emails online, now sees your inbox jam-packed with constant baby basics, most of which you won’t need.

Our crib sheet provides new parents with all the information they need to ensure they have enough clothing to get them through that wonderful first six weeks of baby’s life! See below

You may have seen a cutesy little baby outfit in that upmarket boutique in town, but you need to think about practicalities. You will need to change your babies clothing several times a day and so ensuring that outfits are uncomplicated and easy to take on and off is a priority. Also check the materials. Baby need soft and comfortable clothing, ensure there are no irritating tags. Think about washing, stay away from items with special washing instructions as time will increasingly become an issue.

Knowing which sizes to buy before baby comes along can be difficult one. How big is baby going to be ? Whilst smaller babies need to start out with premature sizes, others skip the newborn size and start by wearing 3-6 months clothes. The best advice is to buy clothes in several different sizes, keep the receipts and you can always return what you don’t need.

6-8 Sleep Suits

Sleep suits are really comfy and convenient. Baby will spend the first six weeks of life mostly napping, or at least you hope. Sleep suits can double up as daywear and night wear and are easy to change. Check the label to ensure they are suitable for tumble drying.
4 Vests / 6-8 Bodysuits

This largely depends on the time of year your baby is expecting to be putting in their appearance. Summer babies will require more in terms of vests whilst bodysuits keep winter babies warmer.


Your baby will normally require a soft cotton hat during the first few days of their lives. Additionally you will need a sun hat for summer babies and a warmer one for winter.


The recommended guideline is 2-3 pairs to begin with, however socks easily get lost so maybe have a few emergency pairs to hand.

2 Cardigans

Most babies do not like having a sweater pulled over their head so a cardigan or button up jacket is the most practical purchase.

2 Pairs of Scratch Mitts

Avoid nasty scratches with some soft scratch mitts.


For those cold winter months, baby is going to need a jacket from the outset.

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