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A Quick Guide To Dressing Your New Born

6th October 2016 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

The hours immediately after giving birth can be rather hectic. However, there comes a moment when all the guests and well wishers have left and for the first time, you are alone with your baby! Although you have had nine months to prepare, there is still an element of shock, which is both amazing and overwhelming. It is usually at this precise moment that baby decides to cry! After a quick check you discover they need changing. The prospect of getting those little arms and legs in and out of their sleep suit can seem somewhat daunting. Yet relax, nobody is a pro for the first time, so just have some patience and take your time.

You may find that your baby cries when you start to undress them. This is normal, babies don’t like the cold and they prefer being snug and secure. The crying is not a reaction to something you are doing so try not to get flustered and talk calmly to your baby. As they get to recognise your voice this will soothe them and offer reassurance.

Undo the fasteners of the sleep suit and gently slide out your babies legs. Grab the sleeve by the cuff and gently ease out baby’s arm. Then remove the sleep suit from underneath your baby. If they are wearing a vest, undo the poppers, gently remove their arms and then spread the neck wide so it does not cover baby’s face.

When dressing your baby, the principal is very similar. Gather up the neck and widen so it easily slips over your babies head without covering their face. Do the same with the arms. If your baby is going to be wearing a sleep suit, place them on the top. Ease their limbs into the suit and then fasten up the poppers.

Anything Else?
Make it easy on yourself with sleep suits which are easy to take on and off.

Think about the weather. Is it very hot? If so, a vest alone may be preferable. Again when the mercury plummets, think about the layers your baby may need.

Babies easily get too hot or too cold so always be prepared to add or remove a layer.

Remember to always support the head during dressing and undressing.

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