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Safety Issues In Children’s Clothing

20th January 2017 / no comments, on Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, Kids Fashion, Parenting

In the modern day household, fire is still an important element. Fire is an essential! We use matches for lighting the gas hob, we light candles when there is a power cut and warm ourselves by an open fire  during those cold winter months.

Unfortunately, all these things are a potential risk for children. Whilst sensible parents ensure that lighters and matches are kept out of children’s reach, sometimes unforeseen accidents can happen and this is why the safety markings on children clothing is so important.

There are over 750 clothing flammability issues in the UK each year. Loose fitting night dresses or dressing gowns are often the cause of such incidents and therefore children’s nightwear must meet specific flammability requirements.  If the materials are not up to the correct standard, the material will melt as it burns.

Remember, Remember

Only buy children’s pyjamas, nightdresses and gowns which carry the message LOW FLAMMABILITY TO BS 5722.

Remember that this does not mean the garment is fireproof and taking care near fires is always recommended.

Any items which are not flame resistant will read, KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE.

In the past, children’s costumes have not had to adhere to specific clothing regulations as they were classed as toys. However, due to high profile cases, many large retailers have now voluntarily had their items tested to nightwear standards to give parents peace of mind.

Although there are no specific flammability requirements for babies daywear, garments should still meet UK regulations so always check the label for specific information.

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