Jeans & Joggers

We all have the need to feel comfortable in the clothes we wear and children are no different. However dressing down does not mean we throw style out of the window. Have a look at our range of Jeans and Joggers and hopefully you’ll find comfort and a little style too.

As your little boy or girl grows and becomes more mobile, their knees need a little more protection. Perhaps an already patched at the knee pair of joggers will do the trick. They are available in blue or grey and they pair well with a cute hoodie.

For casual styling you can pair these cute pom pom leggings with a lovely floral top and a cute pair of pumps or sandals.

It can be difficult to find a pair of jeans that are the right fit and at Babaloo we understand that dressing baby can sometimes be a hard work. Why not invest in an easy to pull on pair of jeans for those days when you just need them to slip in to something that takes little thought but also suits most conditions whether they are environmental or an occasion. Have a look at these elasticated jeans which will allow them to move around easily.