From the moment your little one arrives in to the world, they have a hungry mouth to feed! What no one explains to you in advance is just how satisfying and all-consuming feeding your baby is. This also means it can be worrying.

However, we have all the baby feeding solutions you may need from birth until fully meal-munching pre-schoolers.


Nurture the bond with your baby and stock them up with your anti-bodies by breastfeeding. On hand we have everything you need to make your breastfeeding life easier. Washable organic bamboo nursing pads don’t just provide protection from milky leaks they are soothing and comfortable too.

Your back and shoulders will benefit from support from breastfeeding cushions, especially in the early days whilst you’re both still learning this new skill.

Don’t forget a breast pump will help you keep a stash of breastmilk, perhaps making it possible for someone else to do a night feed so that you get some sleep.

Bottle feeding

Bonds are magically created as your little one snuggles down for a fresh bottle. You’ll be grateful that others can feed baby too, giving you a rest when you need it. Bottle feeding inevitably requires a fair amount of kit! Choose items which will make your life easier, especially when it comes to going out and night feeds.

As well as the basics, such as the popular Avent bottle, we recommend you choose some other products to help bottle feeding go smoothly. Formula dispenser pots allow you to pre-measure formula making feeds on-the-go much easier.

Remember that you’ll need a way to safely sterilise bottles. You could choose a stand-alone steriliser such as this one. Alternatively, choose a complete bottle-feeding set.

Cleaning bottles and keeping them sterile can be fiddly work. Make it easy by having the right bottle feeding tools for the job.

Solid food

When that magical moment arrives you can’t wait to get baby started with their first taste of solid food. From your home cooked delights to their first attempts at finger food, this is a wonderful new stage.

Let’s start with a high-chair. High-chairs make it easier. They enable your baby to sit supported ready for some tasty grub. A good option is to choose a high-chair which grows with your child, such as the popular Hauck 4in1.

As weaning progresses you’ll need a range of tools for the job. Spoons are essential for yoghurts and purees. You’ll also want suitable sized food storage pots.

When your baby or toddler is ready to move on from a bottle, getting the hang of a cup can be tricky. We highly recommend the Doidy cup to help your little one navigate this obstacle.