Bibs & Muslin Squares

At Babaloo we understand that some parents start out squeamish. Thankfully mopping up baby sick and other liquids soon becomes second nature! Our bibs & muslin squares are designed to protect both parent and baby from those inevitable moments.

What is the difference between bibs and muslin squares?

Muslin squares are the go to product for baby spills caused by burping. They are also good for swaddling or covering up whilst breastfeeding. At Babaloo we supply a fabulous range of muslin squares. Keep it simple with soft pure white squares or jazz it up with our range of polka dot patterns.

When is it time for a bib?

When you start weaning your baby, you may become surprised at the mess that can be made. At Babaloo we favour long sleeved coverall bibs. Check out this brightly coloured bib, perfect for the car mad toddler.

You may know the difference between bibs and muslin squares, but do you know when to use a dribble on?

When babies and toddlers are teething, they produce an extensive amount of saliva. Prevent this from soaking their clothes with the use of a stylish dribble on bib. Also a great fashion accessory for the style conscious baby.