Sippy Cups

Sippy cups come in all shapes and sizes. At Babaloo we think we have most options covered. Have a look at our sippy cup range now.

When should my baby start using a sippy cup?

Parents should introduce a sippy cup at about six months old. Allow your baby to get used to the different feel of the cup in their mouth. It is ok to use a mixture of bottle and sippy cup until they get the hang of it.

At Babaloo we know that this simple Tommy Tippee cup remains a popular buy. It is easy to clean and light for baby to hold. The cup comes in a wide range of colours and can be sterilised.

Are sippy cups kind to small teeth?

Many parents worry about sippy cups and the effect on baby teeth. Introducing a straw can present a whole new challenge, so Babaloo worked hard to find an alternative. This Munchkin Miracle Sippy Cup has a spout free drinking system which offers better protection for teeth. It also enables an easier transition to drinking from an open cup.