Playing is the absolute staple thing of childhood. Through play, babies and children don’t just have fun. Playing is far more powerful than that. It’s through play that children learn. They develop their own abilities such as hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. They feed their imaginations. They learn the basics of literacy and numeracy.

It’s no surprise therefore that we want to encourage a love of playing from the earliest opportunity.

Baby playing

Before your tiny one can even hold up their own head they can enter a world of play. From rockers and swings to play gyms and mats, even the youngest family members can play. Once baby has some control over their wobbly head, they will love activity centres. This is especially true if they come with the added bounce factor such as this one from Fisher Price.

Encourage plenty of tummy time to strengthen baby ready for sitting and crawling. Sing, chat and snuggle as they explore the play environment around them.

Mobile baby and toddler playing

As your baby learns to sit and later take tentative first moves, the world of play opens up more to them.

Encourage dexterity through stacking toys and the ever-classic shape sorter. Now is the time that your little one’s imagination really fires up. Give them the toys for the job, with the firm family favourite of Happyland.

Preschool and beyond

As your toddler grows in to a rambunctious pre-schooler, it’s time to encourage a love of learning through play. Choose educational toys which spark curiosity and promote confidence.

Unleash your child in to the realm of arts and crafts. Here they can explore colour and texture whilst secretly building the fine motor skills needed for school.

Let’s not forget the importance of getting out and about! Now your little one has mastered walking, it’s time to conquer wheels! We have ride on toys as well as bikes and trikes, to match the stage of your child.


Play time wouldn’t be complete without sharing the magic and wonder of books. From the tiniest baby up to school age the Babaloo bookshelves are bursting.

Tiny tots benefit from the stark black and white imagery of books such as this. Before long they will delight at lift–the-flap options, such as the delightful Spot. Childhood classics such as the board book version of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt will become bedtime favourites for years. And no modern childhood would be complete without some Julia Donaldson, such as Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book.