Enter the world of Happyland toys where imaginations are fired and anything can happen! These toys are suitable from age 18 months and will prove to be much-loved favourites from toddlerhood throughout their preschool years.

In fact, we love Happyland toys so much we simply can’t get enough of them! All the sets work well together. The characters quickly take on their own personalities. From vehicles to push to houses to open, there’s something to spark joy in every child.

Children learn through play and Happland facilitates this. As well as being one of the first toys a child really plays with, they have so many other uses too. These figures and playsets are going to see your child through the stage where they learn to move on from parallel play to interactive play with their peers.

You can also use them to help explain life scenarios to little minds, and role play things that are going on in the world around them. This helps children to make sense of things.

What’s so good about Happyland Toys?

Happyland has been a feature of many toy boxes for years. These are toys which last and which never lose their appeal. The lovable characters spark imaginative play in the very youngest children. Chunky enough to hold, but without little pieces to choke on, they are ideal for parents and kids.

Where to start

You have a few options to choose from when it comes to starting a collection. Opt for a ready-made set with people and buildings. The Bumper Village is a good choice. Alternatively start small with a few figures and gradually add to the set through birthdays and Christmas presents. An excellent starter set to see what all the fuss is about is this.

It’s all about imagination

Happyland toys are all about imagination. They are also about young children exploring the real world around them. Therefore, sets are a mixture of real world settings and make believe. All of the sets work together. For example, you could easily have the imaginative Bluebell Boot set or Rocket sitting next to the Zoo.

Things that go

Young toddlers adore toys which they can push along. Happyland meets this need by providing various sets appealing to this. We’ve found that the London Bus and Happyland Train Set are particularly popular.