It’s time to get out and about with your little one! However, now you’re faced with a minefield of choice containing strollers, buggies, prams, pushchairs and travel systems. What do you need?

Let’s get pushing

Let’s start by demystifying the terminology. Strollers and buggies are the same thing as pushchairs. These are the classic ‘sit-up’ wheels that you probably remember putting a toy doll in. Some are suitable from birth or very young, but most are suitable for 6 months+.

Next are prams. These have a fairly short life as they are lie flat options for newborn and very young babies.

So these two ‘breeds’ of baby wheels have their problems in terms of how long they can be used for. This is where travel systems come in. Travel systems are designed to be used from birth until your little one no longer needs pushing.

Travel systems are changeable. Usually an infant car seat will attach for when baby is tiny. Some will contain a bassinet element for walks or shopping so that your baby can lie flat. This is important for the healthy development of their spine. These systems grow with your baby and ultimately convert to a forward-facing stroller-style for toddlers.

What do I need?

Much of your decision will rest on your lifestyle and preferences. If you don’t drive or rely on public transport, you will need a stroller which easily collapses and doesn’t necessarily take a car seat. If you love outdoor walks in the woods then you’ll need to choose an off-roader. If you’ve got twins, or an older sibling, then you’ll need to look at double options.

A good all round travel system is the iSafe 3-in-1 system. A good stroller which is suitable from birth is the Zeta Citi.

What else do I need?

As well as the stroller or travel system itself, you may need various additional items to make life easier when pushing your baby or toddler.

Hooks, such as these, can help you safely load bags and shopping on to the pushchair. They also provide an excellent handle for older siblings to use. A pram organiser can also help you have everything to hand.

Hand warmers for you, and rain covers and blankets for your baby will also help you still get out and about whatever the weather.