When your baby or child enters the land of nod they couldn’t look more angelic. Rosy cheeks and a slumbering sweetheart are the things our parenting dreams are made of.

Their first nights at home

Sleeping is likely to become a preoccupation of both you and your newborn with a particular focus on how to get some. The trick is to establish what works for your family. In the early days this could well mean a Moses basket, crib, bedside cot, co-sleeping or Noah Pod.

What’s important is that your tiny baby is safe, warm and cosy. This means that bedding becomes all important to the sleeping routine. A swaddle wrap is ideal in the earliest days. Soon you can move on to using a snuggly sleeping bag.

Keeping sleeping babes safe

It’s vital to follow NHS guidelines for keeping your little one safe as they sleep. Follow the guidelines and you can say goodbye to worry.

Additionally, as your baby grows, and heads to bed without you, choose a baby monitor so that you can listen (or look) in. Nightlights are also  beneficial for keeping night-times dark whilst providing enough light for feeds and changes. As your little one grows in to a toddler they can help to banish any fears of the dark and provide comfort.

Their own room

It may be a while before baby sleeps in their own room, especially at night. However, parenthood is much easier if you have functional furniture which also looks beautiful. As well as cots, we also recommend specific furniture such as changing tables. We particularly recommend those which are integrated in to a chest-of-drawers, like this one.

Sleeping away from home

When you’re ready to venture on your first overnight stays away from home, you’ll need to consider a whole new level of sleeping arrangements! Fortunately there are a heap of baby travel sleeping options. Choose the right travel cot for you and your baby here.

When it comes to sleep, from birth onwards, we hope to make things easier. Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just important for your baby, it’s important for the parents too. Even if you’re struggling with sleepless nights, remember that this too will pass.