Baby Cribs

You have probably just invested in a fabulous cot from Babaloo and so you are now left wondering why you need to purchase a crib as well!

Whilst it is perfectly acceptable for your baby to sleep in the cot from day one, some parents feel they look a little lost!

Additionally a crib is smaller and snd if baby is going to be sleeping in your bedroom during those early weeks, it can make it easier for getting about. It is also easier to move a crib and so you could transfer baby to sleep in the lounge by day.

At Babaloo we love this contemporary Inovi Cocoon Travel Crib, complete with breathable sides. The item also complies with International Aviation Standards, meaning it can be taken onboard a plane and stored in an overhead locker.

The traditionalist parent might prefer this Troll Nicole Swinging Crib, crafted from birch.