Children and Baby Night lights

A night light for baby can be incredibly reassuring. It also helps parents check in on baby without having to disturb them. At Babaloo we understand what makes a great night light. An effective night light must also be free from blue night, because it disrupts the production of healthy melatonin. Have a look at some of our best!

We love these Jelly Baby Lights, which are available in a range of colours. Or have you met Cloud B Twilight Turtle? The turtle projects a starry night onto nursery ceilings or walls. The item also has a timer to ensure that it does not wake baby once they are in a deep sleep.

If you want to be a little more imaginative with your baby’s night light, this Chicco Baby Bear Doll is just adorable. The bear has a soft button to start a light and melody show, which are soothing for your baby and promote sleep.