A Noah Pod is a stylish, dreamy and intuitive sleep solution for your infant. These beautiful baby beds are a contemporary Moses basket equivalent. Without compromising looks, your newborn will slumber in peace, snugly warm and cocooned. Besides that, you will feel compelled to take endless magazine worthy photos!

Noah Pods are available in a range of beautiful colours with slight variations in style. All are robust and sturdy whilst retaining their good looks. Their handles mean that you can easily move the basket from room to room as needed. Therefore your sleeping baby is always with you. Colours include dark wicker, grey and white, so they will always match your nursery colour scheme.

A relaxing sleep environment

Noah Pods are suitable from birth until your baby can sit up or is 9kg. They are therefore an ideal solution for the early months when you want baby close. The cocoon style ensures your baby feels safe and secure, easily drifting off in to the world of sleep.

In addition to the Noah Pod itself, choose to get a rocking frame. This allows you to gently lull your little one in to the land of dreams by rocking them.

Easy to care for

Each Noah Pod comes with a comfortable foam mattress and liner. Additional bedding can be purchased separately, ensuring you always have a clean set after milky dribbles! The bedding is unique to the Noah Pod, and is beautifully soft and luxurious made of 100% cotton. All bedding can be washed in the machine.

The Noah Pod is 100 x 45 x 25cm which makes it ideal to be a bedside option for the early days. Keep your little one in easy reach at night, safely snug next to you.

Sweet Dreams

Always follow NHS sleep guidance for babies which includes placing baby ‘feet to foot’ in the Noah Pod. Ensure the bedding is tucked in up to chest level only, making sure baby is on their back.

Knowing that your little one is getting a restful sleep will help to ensure you feel rested too.