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Should we care about children’s fashion?

2nd September 2016 / no comments, on Kids Fashion, Parenting

Should we care about children’s fashion? A question guaranteed to bring about debate!

Until recently, opinion was divided into two camps, those that cared and those that did not! The first camp argue that fashion for kids is frivolous, whilst the counter argument cites fashion as a fun activity engaging a parent and child! But before you choose a side, perhaps you need to consider the emerging voices!

A parent that cares about children’s fashion is not necessarily a Vogue yielding socialite, currently purchasing a “look at me wide rimmed camel hat” inspired by Harper. So who are they? These are the parents that care about where the clothes came from, increasingly they want to know who made them and where possible, they want to buy local.

The artisan movement possibly started with the rise of the local grower. People were no longer content with purchasing their strawberries from an unknown farm in Holland, they wanted local, even better, they wanted to pick their own. The same ethos applies to clothes.

So many of the new  and innovative children’s clothes brands have been started by a mumpreneurs! These are the mothers who have spotted a gap in the clothing market and have set about starting their own business. And with sites like Etsy or Not On The High Street, accessing willing consumers has never been easier!

It is great that mum can feel righteous about her purchases, but is there any value added for the children themselves? Surprisingly yes!

Exposing your children to different materials and colours is actually a sensory stimuli! They can also develop their fine motor skills by learning to close different fasteners such as clasps, zips, buttons, hook and eye…

And then comes the punchline, for those who still argue that fashion for kids is ill considered! Wearing better clothing actually instills a sense of responsibility in children! Why should we presume that a white dress will only end up black by the end of the day? Ever heard of Sunday best? The advocates suggest that a child should know when clothes are for playtime and when more formal behaviour is required… And so the debate continues.

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