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Ten little toes, boy or girl? Nobody knows!

22nd August 2016 / no comments, on Boy's Clothes, Girl's Clothes, Kids Fashion, Parenting

If Supernanny Jo Frost has put a firm full stop to our laissez-faire liberal style parenting…are we not in danger of depriving our children of the power of freedom?

Whilst the naughty step might be growing in popularity, Generation Z are being presented with a whole new type of freedom. A freedom which breaks the boundaries of gender, allowing youngsters  to buck all the cliches of clothing…hashtag, freetowearpink!

Why does society want to box in our children? If Jack prefers pink and Jill prefers to break her crown instead of  coming tumbling after, why not just let it be?

Large retailers are still pushing pinkification for girls and boys are besieged by blue! Yet individual manufacturers are recognising the need for gender neutral clothing…which allows our little ones to decide who they want to be, without adhering to social stereotypes…Let’s take a look.

Because princesses don’t always like pink and don’t always sprinkle with glitter, Princess Awesome has created a range of dresses which rule, just like she does…or so goes the tagline. Designed like many other dresses your daughter might already own, the Princess Awesome brand replaces twirly girlish fairy graphics with cars, planes or skull and cross bones.

Nip into any “Frank and Flora” supermarket aisle and you will soon be faced with onesies claiming that girls want to be pretty like mummy and boys want to be superhero’s like daddy. These slogans are so intrinsic in our society that you probably hadn’t even questioned it, until now!

Handsome In Pink are cutting a new edge with these coloured bodysuits sporting the slogan, Forget Princess, Call Me President! Yes they are available in pink but also in green, red and blue. Additionally, they have released a variety of shirts for boys with the slogan “Big Boy” emblazoned across the front….in pink! Yes, the colours of the rainbow are for everyone..let’s reclaim them.

Brand Jill and Jack have also been shaking things up and if we had to award a winning gender neutral product so far…This would be the one. Check out this red T-Shirt which reminds us that Half of the T-Rexes Were Girls!  Let’s hear you roar…

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