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Is it time to change your mat?

25th January 2017 / no comments, on Parenting

Picture the scene. It is Saturday afternoon; the shops are busy and you are currently trying to change baby’s nappy whilst knowing there is a growing queue waiting to use the facilities. These days nappy changing should be a whole lot easier than in days gone by! No origami type skills required and no issues if you find you forgot the safety pin. So why are you so hot and bothered?

In theory, changing a baby’s nappy these days is relatively simple, after all how difficult can sticking down two tags be? Easy peasy when baby lies still, but when has that ever happened since they reached 6 months old? Emerging from the baby change, you will see many parents with red faces, looking like they have been involved in some kind of wrestle…and they probably have.

Thankfully there are products designed to assist you with this. So let’s take look.

A normal budget changing mat is great when baby has just been born, although always ensure the product is made from Pthalate-free PVC.

At some point in our baby’s first two years, we all have those moments where we become desperate parents. This is when we tap into our distraction tactics, like handing over our mobile phone, only to find it later smeared in nappy rash cream…

Some changing mat manufactures have recognised this problem and combined a baby gym with a changing mat. Baby can happily watch the brightly coloured animals hanging from the bar, whilst you deal with the business end.

If you are not looking for a changing mat with bells and whistles, invest in a mat with higher sides than your average product. This makes it more difficult for baby to roll and you can get the job done in no time at all.

Some department stores and restaurants have recognised that parents struggle when changing baby, particularly in a restricted space. Therefore, they have installed changing facilities which have a harness, allowing you to secure baby in place. Furthermore, some manufacturers have adapted their mats to include straps, you just need to get baby’s arms in the right position first…good luck.

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