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Tiny Trends

2nd October 2016 / no comments, on Kids Fashion

If you are a self confessed fashionista, it is likely that your baby will have style in their genes. From day one, Harper Beckham has made dressing for the fashion front row look like child’s play, shoving poor Suri Cruise right out of the spotlight. And then came along Blue Ivy, whose first shoes were more Louboutin than bootie, and this for a child that could not even walk. With many parents of toddlers now spending over £1000 per year to sate their lust for mini me designer clothes, we pose the question, is baby couture crass?

From the naysayers point of view, the answer to caring about your babies fashion kudos is a very firm, why bother. It’s all about practicality, why bother to dress your children in expensive clothes when it is likely that a short while later it will be covered in spots and stains that even the hottest wash cannot seem to budge. Also, that baby keeps growing, growing and growing some more. That cutesy must have cashmere coat from Baby Dior, won’t fit for more than three months, so is it really worth the hefty three figure price tag?

Scummy mummies are definitely having their moment in the spotlight, celebrating that having a baby means it is acceptable for both baby and themselves to be covered in snot and porridge by 9am! This honest approach to parenting is refreshing and indeed entertaining , let’s be honest which kids really do prefer a quinoa salad over fish fingers? And sometimes matching socks just does not happen, but here lies another question! Whilst splurging on designer baby clothes may seem wasteful, is it a crime to take pride in our baby’s appearance?

Apparently not, and even better news for those of us who just can’t resist spending on our little darlings, it may actually be good for them. Over the years, research has shown that adults who take care of their appearance actually feel better about themselves and that it indeed can have a positive effect on their mental health. Whilst your baby might be equally happy in high street or haute couture, buying outfits that helps them differentiate between night and day, actually aids sleep! For example onesies or sleeping suits for night time, dresses and short pants in the daytime.

Whilst burning the plastic on Baby Dior might seem frivolous unless you can actually afford it, this does not mean your baby can’t look nice. Exclusive baby clothes are beautiful, but the high street has many equally good brands and with such competitive prices, your baby can rock a different look every day of the week.

Happy Shopping!

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