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Will baby carriers force prams to sling their hook?

20th January 2017 / no comments, on New Born, Parenting

Picture the scene! A group of mothers are gathered in a high street coffee shop, Fairtrade, of course. The chatter centres around hypnobirthing, co-sleeping and extended breast feeding. For the attachment parent subscriber, the scene is probably familiar. However, mainstream parents, as they are now labelled, are asking one question…where are all the prams?


Championed by many yummy mummy celebs, the baby carrier could mistakenly be taken for a useless on trend baby product, along with wipe warmers, boppys and bumbos. Yet for any parent who has ever navigated busy city streets with a cumbrous coach built, a hands free baby transportation system seems like a dream.


Benefits of Baby Carriers


Whilst hands free baby transporting has many obvious advantages, the benefits of baby carriers extend beyond the parents convenience. See below.


For Crying Out Loud!


Research and studies have provided conclusive evidence that links a reduction in infant crying and baby wearing. It suggests that babies who are regularly carried for up to 3 hours a day, have a reduced crying rate of up to 54 per cent.


Healthy Babies


Research has shown that babies who are born prematurely or have fragile nervous systems, progress better when carried in a sling. The closeness to their mother allows them to become in tune with her breathing and hear her heartbeat. This close body contact is thought to enable premature babies to gain weight more quickly.


Parental Peace Of Mind


By having our babies close to us, we become in tune with what their body language and facial expressions mean. No parent likes to hear their baby cry so if we can take cues from their gestures and movements, we know how to best soothe them. This positive interaction is both beneficial to mother and baby.




Baby carriers are not for exclusive use by mothers, they are also a great product for other primary caregivers. When a baby is carried in a sling, the closeness of a father or  grandparent comforts them. They start to recognise voices and develop strong attachments.




Baby carriers are also wonderfully practical, especially for mothers who might also need to deal with the baby’s younger siblings. Baby is happiest when close to the mother, but mum still has two hands free to attend to other children. Carriers  are also much more effective for use in the great outdoors or in busy airports of shopping centres.

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